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Our Mission Statement

The heart and model of Mara Vision Outreach is evangelism. As agents of change, the ministry furnishes the Maasai, Samburu, Kajiado, and Turkana counties in Kenya, as well as Bangladesh, with truth and the love of Jesus in the context of the three angels’ messages.


Populating God's Kingdom

Because of the faithful support of our home missionaries, today Mara Vision is able to support more than 80 Maasai pastors and Bible teachers. They provide support for our churches, schools, widows, and fatherless.


With your help, we can make a tremendous difference in populating God's Kingdom. Without you, the lives of these people would not be impacted with God’s plan of salvation.


Would you consider joining us and rescue one soul for Christ?


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As of the 2009 census, there is an estimated 841,000 Maasai living in
Kenya of which there are approximately 5,500 baptized members of our



Congratulations for this great work you're doing in Kenya, specifically in Maasai Land. Being among the Kenya team, I sincerely testify that MVO has won many hearts of all ages to our Christ. Actually the approach used is the best, which is targeting school-going children to evangelise to their parents, who in turn thirst to attend Sabbath to learn more truth. God Bless MVO.

Meshack Tome

Mara Vision Logo FINAL (PNG) copy.png

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