Mara Vision strives to reach the unreached places within the Maasai and Samburu tribal areas of Kenya.  With the support of champions like you, we are able to spread the Gospel of Jesus within these territories where paganism is the rule.  

Since the core of Mara Vision is evangelism, finding support for Maasai and Samburu pastors and Bible teachers is what we need most.

Today Mara Vision pastors are preaching to over four thousand Maasai people every week.  Bible teachers are able to teach from the Bible to over four thousand students weekly.  

Continuing to reach the literate and the illiterate with the gospel is our challenge.   While our Pastors are working primarily with the older illiterate in our churches, our Bible teachers are working each day with the literate in the classroom through Bible study.  

Ways to give:

  • Mara Vision is a multifaceted mission. The support that is needed comes in many forms.  It could be anything from supporting a pastor or teacher with a monthly salary or one can donate what you can for the building up of churches and general support of the mission such as church upkeep, widow support, the fatherless, orphans and much more. 

You can advance the gospel in many ways though Mara Vision:

  • Make a Cash Gift - You can bring the joy of Christ into ones life by becoming a monthly Champions of Truth, through our automatic monthly giving program, or through a one-time gift.  You a give through wire transfer, check, and credit card--or send a gift in by postal mail to PO Box 240, Addy, WA.  99101

To Donate Online Today--scroll to the bottom of this page and click Donate.

To be able to talk more about your donation and or how to support a Pastor or a Bible Teacher, please email us at:

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